Do you want to test your Luck?

Then we invite you to play a game where everyone can win or lose.
The rules are very simple, spin the roulette and see what kind of game Fortune has prepared for you.

Glass balls are bet in our game.
The bet is made, it remains to see which game will fall to you? Something light: "rock, scissors, paper", "giant Jenga" or a memory game or a test of your taste buds.
Or maybe you'll have to bite off a cactus or lose.
There are 13 different games waiting for you, which one will fall to you, no one knows.
Well, let's try your luck?
1 hour

Paphos, Nicosia, Larnaca,
Ayia Napa

Drinks are not included in the price
500 €

500 € +transportation fee from 50€
For areas and places that are located outside the cities we discuss prices individually.