Art party
Art party
For kids who love to draw. We will draw in different creative techniques. And secret technique of drawing on "water". And at the end, the children will make a gift picture together with their wishes
Does your child love to create something new? Loves to draw on wallpaper, floors and other surfaces?

At an ART PARTY, we let our creativity out.
🖌Fill a boring white canvas with bright colors (not any brushes). "You can splash, pop, throw.." have fun and create colorful patterns!

🖌Secret technique of drawing on "water" No brushes and malberts. Words: "Wow..", "Cool..", etc. will sound more than once.

🖌And the overall picture is a gift for the birthday boy/girl. We pour more colors, putting our own wishes into each one. All together and with fun, we create a colorful reminder, for the birthday boy/girl, about this bright day and about the friends who created this picture with him.

~1 hour
from 5 years to 10 years
from 2 kids
200€ till 10 kids (and extra person + 10€)